Coffee Art

Do you know how much love and hard work are behind a cup of coffee?..
I grow up in a 7 generation coffee plantation in El Salvador, trough my art I would like the world to know what is behind in every cup of coffee that we enjoy every day. I would my art decorate every coffee place to remind everybody about the energy of love behind it.
My coffee art is made with coffee beans, some are portraits of famous people like John Lennon, Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix and others, the Mosaics with coffee beans combine with different mother earth supply. Also I make Jewelry, for our coffee countries the coffee beans are our brown gold and with coffee beans and semiprecious stones, crystals, seashells, wood, sterling silver, metal, mother of pearls, pearls etc. I make FUN! and gorgeous necklaces for differences tastes. You can see it

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