Coffee paper cup sleeve insulator NEW invention!

New environmentally friendly invention the “Coffee Head Wedge” was created to improve the hot coffee paper cup sleeve to stay on the cup and to not falling off the position with out any substances or additional materials.

Awarded in 2012 by the Innovation and Technology Commission Government Department in Hong Kong for the new environmentally friendly improvement invention.

The hot coffee cup sleeve is not necessary to stay on the cup when the beverage is not hot, with choice to keep the sleeve or dispose.

* The “Coffee Head Wedge” easily can be removed from the cup.

* Single size fit three different of paper cup sizes, 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz.

* Great selling point make by making your own printing design on.

* Environmentally friendly improvement.


“Coffee Head Wedge” was created by the person who burned his hand to the second degree by malfunction of the hot cup sleeve.

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