The new dc two coffee grinder by Dalla Corte

dc two dynamic white_BA new grinding group that is equipped with a new adjustment system to provide an even grind, which can be adjusted down to one hundredth of a millimetre. A grinder that automatically recognizes the dose it must produce.

A perfect extraction starts from perfect grinding. This is why in 2011 Dalla Corte created its dc one on- demand coffee grinder – precise and reliable, entirely designed and manufactured at Dalla Corte’s plant in Baranzate, Milan.

Dalla Corte’s dc one’s ‘doubled’ version is now on the market: it’s the new dc two – a compact, functional and precise double grinder with flat burrs that provides a constantly perfect grind for constantly excellent espressos. Due to its outstanding performance, the dc two grinder has now replaced the dc II in Dalla Corte’s catalogue.

The grinder has a sturdy, easy to clean aluminium body that comes in various colours. It was designed by the Swiss designer Thomas Liebe – just like all Dalla Corte’s devices – and fits in perfectly with Dalla Corte’s line of products.

The grinder is equipped with exclusively designed 65 mm flat burrs that provide an extremely precise cut. Keeping in mind the target of a perfect grind, Dalla Corte’s R&D division designed a new grinding group equipped with a rotating burr holder system that provides maximum planarity between the two overlapping disks and perpendicularity with respect to the motor’s rotation axis.

The grind can be adjusted down to one hundredth of a millimetre by pushing the front panel buttons: one push of the button corresponds to a variation of 0.01 mm in the distance between burrs. Each grinding chamber has its own inlet, which is twice as big as it is in dc one’s: this way, ground coffee can come out of the chamber more rapidly and is therefore very soft when it reaches the portafilter. Moreover, the outlet spouts can be inspected easily: their upper part can be pulled out and the outlet can be cleaned very quickly with a brush.

The temperature of each motor is always under control: if a pre-set temperature range is exceeded, the motor’s cooling fan starts, with an air volume capacity that is ten times higher than it was in previous grinders. The motor’s rotation speed is directly proportional to the heat it produces: due to this modularity, the user can reduce energy consumption.

The coffee grinder can either work autonomously or interface with Dalla Corte’s dc pro and evo2 espresso machines, thus forming an actual system for the preparation of espresso coffee: the dialogue between devices monitors the extraction and automatically adjusts coffee grind and dose if necessary, thus providing constantly perfect espressos.

The new dc two by Dalla Corte represents an important step ahead towards practicality, but also in achieving the perfect, even grind that is necessary for obtaining an excellent cup of coffee.

Hopper capacity 1 kg (*)
Burr diameter 65 MM
Burr rotations per minute 1350 rpm
Grinding capacity ca. 3,7 – 4,7 g/s
Size (WXHXD) 319 x 570 x 300 MM
Weight 21 KG/24,5 (with packaging)
Energy consumption 650 W
Electric supply 200/240 V 1 Ph, 115 V 1 Ph – 50-60 Hz
(*) a different capacity is available upon request

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