Parlevel Announces Launch of Total Micro Market Solution

Christopher Blomquist - Parlevel_MM_Press ReleaseSan Antonio, TX, April 08, 2016 – Parlevel Systems, the fastest growing provider of vending management solutions (VMS) for vending operators and office coffee service providers, announced the launch of their complete micro market solution. Parlevel’s micro market is the only true top to bottom hardware and software solution in the industry which provides operators with all of the necessary tools to successfully implement and manage a micro market operation.

A Kiosk that Customers Will Love

Parlevel has engineered and designed a sleek, touchscreen kiosk that helps operators attract customers with an intuitive and an easy-to-use design. The kiosk lets users pay with credit, debit, pre-paid, and campus cards, mobile payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay, or cash which helps operators maximize sales.

“We are thrilled to offer operators a kiosk with state-of-the-art engineering design, strong customer engagement, and powerful operational capabilities,” said Luis Gonzalez, chief executive officer at Parlevel Systems. “Parlevel’s management systems cover more than a micro market’s operational needs. Our offerings also help operators understand their customers purchasing behaviors and product preferences – allowing them to deliver a first-class experience for the end user.”

The kiosk gives customers an express checkout experience where they simply scan, swipe, and go. Users can create a pre-loaded wallet and sign in with a bar-code scan, login code, work badge, or their fingerprint to pay quickly and easily. Parlevel’s micro market allows operators to run personalized messages and promotions, collect feedback, hear customer concerns, provide exceptional support, and more.

Smart Software and a Secure Solution

Parlevel’s kiosk is built with Parlevel’s robust management system that provides operators with the smartest micro market solution in the industry. Backed by Parlevel’s comprehensive analytics module, micro market reports can be run easily and with an unprecedented depth. Data on sales, customer habits, payment information, product performance, and more empowers operators to make better business decisions.

Operators substantially benefit from Parlevel’s remote access features which enable them to change prices, create promotional campaigns, access inventory levels, and even troubleshoot from any device, at any location, and at any time.

Parlevel’s micro markets use enhanced security technologies to protect operators from theft. Utilizing a customer-facing HD webcam and extensive surveillance cameras, every angle of a micro market is covered. Video and audio footage is stored in the cloud for up to 30 days, so operators won’t miss a thing. Stored footage and real-time video can be accessed 24/7 via mobile, desktop, or Parlevel’s VMS to give operators easy access to security footage day or night.

Total Integration with Vending and OCS

Parlevel’s micro market solution allows for full integration into Parlevel’s VMS and does not require operators to pay additional fees to manage micro markets, vending, and office coffee service operations all under one cohesive system. A route driver can service micro markets, OCS, and vending locations all in one route, which simplifies and streamlines the routing process. Robust features like product merchandising, inventory optimization, warehouse ordering, and pre-kitting are used across micro markets, OCS, and vending accounts, which helps operators achieve maximum efficiency for every aspect of their operation – all without the need to purchase add-ons or additional software.

Responsive Customer Support

Parlevel’s micro markets are backed by industry-best customer support. Parlevel’s customer support team helps operators integrate and manage their micro markets easily and effectively. Available any time via chat, email, and phone, operators can get the support they expect whenever and however they need it.

With flexible financing options available, operators can expand their micro market base without up-front equipment investments.

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