Coffee Analysts and TRU-ID Launch Coffee Species Identification Testing

TRU-ID LogoCoffee Analysts and TRU-ID Launch Coffee Species Identification Testing

TRU-ID Coffee Authentication Exclusively Available from Coffee Analysts

Burlington Vermont, USA & Guelph, Ontario, Canada, April 5, 2016 – Until today, determining Arabica (Coffea arabica) or Robusta (Coffea canephora) species in coffee products has been the work of educated guesses. TRU-ID has developed groundbreaking molecular diagnostics that provides confidence in coffee products authenticity to eliminate adulteration or mislabeling.

TRU-ID provides forensic testing capabilities and services to identify species adulteration of coffee products, mitigating the impact of inauthentic products to brands, companies, investors and consumers. TRU-ID’s certified authentic program can be used to quantify coffee components as 100% Arabica, or to identify the blend percentages with Robusta coffee. These tools may also be used to determine if adulterations are used in coffee products.

“In price sensitive markets, lower priced Robusta coffee may be blended with Arabica coffee to increase profitability” states Dan Cox, President of Coffee Analysts. “Only now do we have an advanced scientific tool to verify authenticity and ensure that buyers are getting exactly what they are paying for.”

Dr. Steven Newmaster, PhD, Chief Science Officer at TRU-ID, developed the testing methodology to identify the species components of roasted coffee, brewed coffee, and soluble coffee. He partnered with Coffee Analysis to provide sales and marketing of the service to the coffee industry, as well as their own world-class physical and sensory analysis for coffee products. “We are excited to partner with Coffee Analysts, an industry leader in coffee quality testing,” states Dr. Newmaster

Contact Coffee Analysts today to learn how TRU-ID Coffee Authentication can support your coffee supply-chain or coffee brand by identifying exactly what’s in your coffee.

About Coffee Analysts: Founded in 1994 in Burlington, Vermont by Daniel Cox, Coffee Analysts is a global leader in coffee quality testing R&D projects, and coffee business consulting throughout the farm-to-cup supply chain. For testing inquiries, contact Spencer Turer or call +1-802-864-5760, in the U.S. 800-375-3398.

About Tru-ID: Established in 2013, this is the world’s 1st certification program founded on cutting edge biotechnology, in support of businesses who seek authentic ingredients. We provide confidence that food products are authentic! Our mission is to advance supply chain verification testing as a means to protect our clients and their customers from the vulnerabilities of mislabeled or contaminated ingredients and to promote honesty in consumer product labeling. For science & technology inquires contact Dr. Steven Newmaster or call +1-226-778-2954.

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