Josefine Milora - Sight Press Release ImageNEW YORK CITY—April 5, 2016—Advanced coffee and tea-brewing machine producer Alpha Dominche is once again changing the coffee brewing landscape by launching its first ever batch brewer, SIGHT. The SIGHT brewer is the world’s first full immersion batch brewer and will be introduced to the specialty coffee industry at the 2016 SCAA Expo taking place April 14-17 in Atlanta, GA.

SIGHT brings new innovation to the batch brewing process unseen by any other brewer in the industry today, and will upend the way cafés and restaurants display their batch brewers and at the same time change the quality of batch-brewed coffee for customers across the globe. In addition to being the world’s first full immersion batch brewer, it is the first ever batch brewer that allows baristas to craft recipes through an app via phone or tablet.

Staying true to its design philosophy, Alpha Dominche named the new brewer SIGHT because its brewing process is nothing short of a visual marvel. Specialty coffee shops, cafes and restaurants will no longer have to hide an unsightly batch brewer out of sight, but can proudly display the beautiful design piece that is SIGHT.

Says Thomas Perez, CEO of Alpha Dominche:
“Our aim is to enrich the third wave with a specialized, parameter-controlled batch brewer that improves the quality of each cup of coffee served. On top of producing a better cup, the coffee and teashops that spend a fortune designing a charming interior now have a batch brewer attractive enough to be showcased and not hidden on a back counter.”

The brew process is similar to that of Alpha Dominche’s iconic Steampunk in that baristas control all parameters such as pre-infusion as well as when and how much water is introduced to the coffee. SIGHT brews up to one gallon of coffee in six to eight minutes with or without a paper filter. Water showers over the coffee and at the end of the brew process the coffee is extracted from the glass top chamber to the bottom chamber via a vacuum created through a built-in pump. Once in the double-walled glass carafe, the coffee is kept hot for up to two hours.

SIGHT will be demonstrated at the 2016 SCAA Expo, brewing leading specialty coffee Ninety Plus.

Alpha Dominche expects to deliver SIGHT in early 2017 and will begin taking orders in November 2016.

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