jeff krueger - DI ConserveWell 1800x1200Richfield, WI (April 15, 2016) – Water conservation continues to be a major environmental concern in the foodservice industry. It is prudent to be good stewards of Earth’s natural resources such as water but it also makes sound business sense. Foodservice uses mass quantities of water in food preparation, cooking and cleaning, and operators pay for both the consumption and the disposal. Utilizing operational practices that minimize the use of water is not only good for the environment but has a big impact on the bottom line.

To coincide with the observance of Earth Day on April 22nd, Server Products is excited to introduce the expansion of the popular ConserveWell Service Utensil Holder Line providing even more ways to help foodservice operators conserve water and save money. Server came out with the original wall-mount ConserveWell to replace the traditional dipper well perpetual-flow sinks considered by many not to be environmentally friendly. The ConserveWell holds utensils above 140°F, keeping them safe from bacteria growth without the use of perpetual flowing water, thereby saving hundreds of thousands of gallons per year, not to mention the cost savings associated with water use and disposal. Server now is offering wall-mount and drop-in models that come with and without an adjustable countdown timer and alarm to cue water change-outs and also include a digital display of water temperature readings. This line expansion allows operators to easily switch from their current perpetual-flow dipper well to a ConserveWell in the same space, whether it’s mounted to a wall or counter or placed into a counter cut-out.
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