Coffee Industry Invited to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s 2nd Annual Cupping Competition

Saveur du Kivu – 2nd Annual Celebration of the Reemergence of DRC’s Specialty Coffee Sector featuring DRC’s only Specialty Cupping Competition, Supply Chain Workshops and farm visits held May 19th-21st, 2016

Coffee Buyers, exporters, farmer groups and interested parties are invited to participate in a collaborative approach supporting the reemergence of specialty coffee industry with gender equality and support for small scale farmers as central strategies for success.

BUKAVU, DRC – Following last years’ historic “first ever” event, on May 19th – 21st the Saveur du Kivu, will take place with great Congolese and International fanfare in Bukavu, DRC. The events, hosted by the Government of South Kivu, are being organized in collaboration with National Coffee Office (ONC), Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), On the Ground (OTG), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), CRS Coffee Lands, USAID and TWIN. Supply chain workshops with representatives from growing organizations, government, international NGOs, and buyers will also take place with an objective of supporting the reemergence of a sustainable specialty coffee industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The cupping competition will utilize the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) global standards assuring compliance to an objective, calibrated, and consistent system to grade and evaluate coffees. Coffee growing organizations throughout the DRC, who meet specialty coffee standards, are submit samples. Organizers are collecting producer information for all growing organization’s in an effort to create the first ever database with coffee specs and contact info of specialty coffee growers in the country.

Local and international organizers will lead a series of workshops and interactive panel discussions with representatives from growing organizations, government, international NGOs, and buyers designed to address key challenges and further support the continued development of the specialty coffee sector. Discussions will include policy and industry practices aligned to bring gender equality and increased benefit to small scale growers in a region with huge growth potential for the production of high quality arabica coffees.

The specialty coffee industry in DRC is proving to be a successful strategy in bringing about economic stability and peace throughout the fertile highlands of Congo. Last years’ historic event saw over 30 coffee growing organizations throughout the DRC, submitting samples. It was the first time in history that a representative sampling of specialty coffees in the country were objectively evaluated by a team of coffee professionals. Saveur du Kivu is proving to be an important cornerstone in the foundation of DRC’s specialty coffee industry already known to produce some of the finest arabica coffees in the world.

To participate, schedule interviews with organizers, contact:

Chris Treter
(231) 218-0014
Twitter: @SaveurduKivu

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