Aiya America Launches Its Premium and Ceremonial Grade Matcha Endorsed by Prestigious Urasenke Tea School

Aiya America, the world leader in harvesting and distributing premium quality tea, launches its Premium and Ceremonial Grade Matcha, now endorsed by the Tea Master at the Urasenke Tea School, the largest and most respected tea school in Japan. The Urasenke School was founded by a renowned Tea Master during the 16th century and its endorsement is considered to be among the highest honors for tea in Japan and throughout the world. The name “Ceremonial” was originally given to depict a grade of Matcha that is of high enough quality to be served at formal tea ceremonies, and this endorsement is reserved strictly for ceremonial teas that meet the strictest measures of excellence, such as Aiya’s Ceremonial Grade Matcha.

There are no government regulations for the quality of Matcha sold in the U.S., and it is not uncommon for low quality or non-authentic Matcha to be sold as Premium or Ceremonial grades. Many of the “Ceremonial” grades sold in the U.S. would not be acceptable for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, yet it is virtually impossible for consumers to assess Matcha tea quality prior to purchase. The Urasenke endorsement helps consumers differentiate which Matcha Ceremonial and Premium teas meet longstanding measures of authenticity and superiority.

“There are so many different grades of Matcha that are marketed as Ceremonial or Premium grade, but that fall far short of that distinction,” says Fumi Sugita, Aiya America’s General Manager. “Consumers who buy our Urasenke endorsed Matcha can be sure that they are purchasing Matcha that has passed the most rigorous evaluations and is on par with Matcha enjoyed at formal tea ceremonies in Japan.”

Aiya’s Premium Grade Matcha, named Hokono Mukashi by Urasenke’s 15th Tea Master, Houun Sai, is the highest quality Matcha currently sold in the U.S. Aiya’s Ceremonial Grade Matcha, given the name Kiyono Shiro by the same Tea Master, is smooth, slightly sweet, and perfect for every day enjoyment.

Aiya’s Premium and Ceremonial Grade Matcha are offered in 30g tins and 100g bags. Premium Matcha retails at $48.00 for a 30g tin, and $128.00 for 100g bags. Aiya’s Ceremonial Matcha retails at $24.80 for a 30g tin, and $56.60 for 100g bags. To purchase Matcha or to learn more about all of Aiya’s product offerings, visit

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