ESPRO® teams up with Schott Duran® to create new Glass ESPRO Press

With 40% thicker glass than standard French Presses in the market

ESP_012_15_ProductCatalog_v6.pdfThe new P5 Glass ESPRO Press is the latest ESPRO product that makes perfectly brewed coffee or tea with its patented double micro-filter technology and will be featured at the International Home+Housewares Show in Chicago.(ESPRO booth 3746)

Vancouver, BC, Canada, March 4, 2016 – ESPRO® announced today that they have teamed up with Schott Duran of Germany to create the latest innovation from ESPRO – the new P5 Glass ESPRO Press. The P5 Glass ESPRO® Press uses the same patented double micro-filter technology from the award winning stainless steel ESPRO Press. With ESPRO’s collaboration with German engineers from Schott Duran, ESPRO was able to create a glass press that is 40% thicker, thus creating greater heat retention and durability than traditional French Presses found in the market.

“At ESPRO we are proud to be a vital part of the coffee and tea community in crafting tools that make better coffee or tea. The P5 Glass ESPRO Press delivers a product that is long overdue in the market with features that are never before been seen in a single glass French Press,” says Bruce Constantine, President of ESPRO.

The P5 Glass ESPRO® Press provides grit-free, sludge-free French Press or pour-over style coffee and is perfect for brewing loose-leaf tea. It features 40% thicker glass, an insulated lid and a patent-pending safety lock that prevents the glass carafe from slipping out of the exterior stainless steel cage but can still be easily removed from cleaning. The P5 also includes a pack of 25 paper filters as a third filtration option of pour over quality coffee. Regardless of which of the three brew methods used, the P5 Glass ESPRO® Press stays hot longer and automatically stops extraction in the vessel upon plunging so the last cup tastes just as good as the first.

The Glass ESPRO Press comes in two models – the metal & glass P5 and the plastic & glass P3 (starting at USD $40). Both products will be featured at the ESPRO Booth #3746 at the International Home+ Housewares Show in Chicago, March 5 to 8, 2016.

About ESPRO®
ESPRO® exists to bring the best cup of coffee and tea to every table. In 2002 Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean met for coffee, and sketched their first product concept on the back of a napkin –a calibrated tamper to make more consistent espresso. By April 2004, ESPRO® had emerged. The first years were characterized by a string of products aimed at improving the consistency of espresso and milk foam. In 2012, ESPRO® introduced the groundbreaking ESPRO® Press, the first grit-free French Press coffee and tea maker. It has garnered global accolades.

Today ESPRO® is the epicenter of a grassroots movement that is shaking and reshaping the coffee and tea equipment industry and re-defining the way we perceive the perfect cup. With its range of innovative products designed to achieve consistently great results, ESPRO® is destined to carve an important niche among coffee and tea aficionados.

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