Miso Sip™ – the healthy hot beverage

Leila Bakkum - 160216 Miso Sip in mug with spoonAsheville, NC (April 11, 2016) – Introducing Miso Sip™ as the healthy hot beverage at the SCAA show in Atlanta.
Miso Sip™ is made with Organic, Non.GMO Verified, Kosher and Gluten-Free Miso, which is domestically manufactured in Western North Carolina using domestic grains and beans. Miso, like coffee, is made from a bean, more specifically soy beans, grains and sea salt which then go through a fermentation process to create live and active cultures.
Think paradigm shift – from Soup to Sip. Drink Your Miso.
As Miso Sip™ does not contain caffeine and can be served any.time of day to anyone – it is the perfect year-round option for consumers who would like to have a hot beverage, the healthy hot drink – or who want to find a sense of balance in the middle of a chaotic day.
Coffee bars, juice bars, bars and restaurants looking for new concepts will be happy to learn that not only is Miso Sip™ tasty and nutritious, but it also has exceptional profit margins. In addition, it is easy to serve – baristas merely dispense pre-prepared Miso Sip™ into a cup, add hot water, and serve. Presto! And Ummmm that’s good!
According to Leila Bakkum, Director of Sales at Great Eastern Sun, “Miso Sip™ is a healthy hot lifestyle beverage – ready to revolutionize the hot beverage culture.”
Organic miso sales are seeing a surge in that customers are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of probiotics found in miso and there is definitely a trend towards fermented unpasteurized living foods and beverages. The steady growth is evidence that miso is gaining popularity among U.S. consumers and they are now ready for Miso Sip™ … the healthy hot beverage … Again – think Drink Your Miso.
Enjoy a cup of Miso Sip™ and feel the balance.

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