Art of Tea Goes Mod with Debut of Chic New Packaging and Collection Series at SCAA Expo in Atlanta

Art of Tea, the Los Angeles-based tea purveyor known for its premium ingredients, thoughtful sourcing and award-winning tea blends, will debut its reimagined packaging at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Expo in Atlanta, Georgia during the weekend of April 15th through 17th. The brand’s refined yet approachable refresh will give customers and wholesalers a new lineup of eye-catching canisters in collections that will draw attention to the teas that have delighted taste buds since 2004.

“At Art of Tea, we’re always challenging ourselves to evolve and push the boundaries of what currently exists in the beverage space as part of our mission to not just modernize the tea-drinking experience, but make it fun and sexy,” says Steve Schwartz, the Founder and Master Tea Blender at Art of Tea. “We feel these artful collections perfectly articulate our vision for not just where we are headed as a company, but also where tea is headed as a category.”

Designed and executed by Elevate Creative Ventures, a Los Angeles-based creative agency, the new packaging reflects the time, care and craftsmanship that goes into each one of Art of Tea’s blends, prepared with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. The black apothecary glass canisters, constructed to be air-tight for proper storage of the tea, double as canvases for the dramatic graphic designs from Elevate. The visuals align with the experience of enjoying each individual tea in the three collections, encouraging both the retailer and consumer to feel a personal connection to the blend before even taking that first sip. The label also sports easy-to-follow brewing instructions for preparing that perfect cup.

“When we were approached by Steve for this project, we were moved by his passion for elevating the tea experience and all the care that goes into creating each blend,” says Justin Smith, Founder and CEO of Elevate. “We wanted to do justice to the incredible teas he’s crafted by creating packaging that is as artful as the contents.”

The initial launch at SCAA features four collections (Classic, Location, Time, and Iced Teas) designed to differentiate the brand with a boldness and sophistication not yet seen in the tea space. Teas in the Classic Collection feature labels that speak to their timelessness with patterns reminiscent of textiles and upscale fashion houses; those in the Location Collection transport tea drinkers to some of the world’s most remarkable cities with images and flavors that pair with tropical paradises, as well as more urban locales; and the Time Collection finds inspiration from the different moments and day parts that align with drinking tea.

After the debut at SCAA, the collections will be available for wholesalers to purchase for their café, coffee shop or restaurant later in the year.

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