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COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA. We are excited to unveil WhereToColumbiaSC.com, the #1 Directory for the Hottest Spots and Best Events in the city and surrounding areas. There are over 750,000 searches for where to go, eat, and shop in Columbia, SC every month. Yet, the small and local businesses in the city are not reaching even 5% of the consumers who are literally looking for them. What is even worse, there is a widely believed myth that there is nothing to do and nowhere to go in Columbia, SC. Well, WheretoColumbiaSC.com is here to remedy both problems.
Showcasing local businesses is the name of the game! Local businesses are showcased through many different essential channels to ensure visibility and reach. The directory offers many listing options for both businesses and events that speak to any budget. Businesses can be Featured under their relative category of where to go, eat or shop and promote products, services, specials, etc. Site visitors are even able to leave reviews for businesses and vote on their favorite business to be “The Business of the Month”. Through its relationship with other digital platforms, WheretoColumbiaSC.com is working hard to get as many local businesses in the forefront as possible.

WheretoColumbiaSC.com is not your average entertainment or food directory. The differentiating factor is that this directory is working hand in hand with local business owners to provide a reliable reference point that brings where to go, where to eat and where to shop in Columbia, SC to the fingertips of those who are interested. The mission of this company is simple. They aim to maximize micro-moments and reintroduce the city to what city life is all about by making the businesses and events people are looking for accessible to them in the moments in which they are looking.

If you are a local business owner, event coordinator or simply looking for where to go, eat, or shop in Columbia, SC, then be sure to visit www.WhereToColumbiaSC.com. Or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use one of the following hashtags for your posts to be reshared: #wheretocolasc, #wheretogocolasc #wheretoeatcolasc, and #wheretoshopcolasc.

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