Producer Profile: Santa Elena Miel

Name of Farm
Arabica Variety
Type of Processing/Milling
Altitude in Meters Above Sea Level
Santa Elena Costa Rica Tarrazu Caturra
Miel or honey, picked ripe, floated, pulped, and sun dried.
Other Cupping  Notes
Spicy, Cocoa, Carmel Panela
Chocolate, Raspberry, Citrus
Syrupy Smooth and Satiny
Grapefruit Lively
Full round mouth, dry, brown sugar, dark fruit, sweet aftertaste.
Cafe Practices. Although not certified, sustainable, environmentally responsible, and socially conscious.


Santa Elena is an estate Costa Rica Tarrazu, coffee run by the third generation, Luz marina Trujillo. I grew up playing with coffee, “not dolls”! From the tree to your cup its a chain that can’t be broken. When you become a client of Santa Elena, you are not just buying coffee, you are becoming part of the family promoting and maintaining a tradition of high standards. In short, as owner I take care of the land and the workers, the workers take care of the customers and the customers take care of me. We welcome your visit, “come and hear the singing”.

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