Food tech company Dine Market blurs limits of e-commerce with event featuring dynamic industry influencers

NEW YORK, NY APRIL 2016: Dine Market is hosting its first­ever vendor showcase  at the renowned 404 Event Space, located in the ready to erupt Hudson Yards in Manhattan. The event, SOURCED 2016 on May 9, 2016, celebrates all things food tech boasting over 40 vendors  and 300+ attendees that include chefs, purchasers, operators and hospitality influencers. Dine Market CEO Guy Praisler stated: “This is the first time an online marketplace  in the food sourcing space has reached across the electronic divide to put buyers  and sellers in face to face contact. We are excited to be the leader in our space  and to extend our innovation to combining SaaS [software as a service] with feet  on the street style marketing. Our customers are thrilled!” The day of  insights, demos and discussions  highlights tech startups, emerging food  brands and some of the biggest purveyors in the northeast for seafood, meat, produce  and specialty goods. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have your mouth electric  shocked? Nicolas Mazard from Koppert Cress is leading a humorous and informative tasting of microgreens from around the world that includes the Szechuan Button that  does exactly that. The demos  also include a tasting pitting wet aged versus dry aged  beef by Master Purveyors, one of NYC’s oldest family owned meat purveyors. Where Dine Market is Headed: The brand has a major presence in the New York tri­state area market, and launches nationwide at the National Restaurant Association Show in late May. The Company has revamped its site and mobile apps to offer an even more intuitive user experience, payment processing, logistics, and interactive specialty stores. It has also enhanced its data analytics for buyers and sellers.

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