Bulk Bag Weigh Batching System with Integral Tubular Cable Conveyor

Susan Schaaf - EE-0298_BBWBSystemTCC_20160118_HIA new automated Bulk Bag Weigh Batching System from Flexicon Corporation meters ingredients into a FLEXI-DISC® Tubular Cable Conveyor that transports batches of a specified weight to downstream processing equipment, dust-free.
The BULK-OUT® BFC Series Bulk Bag Discharger features a cantilevered I-beam with electric hoist and trolley for loading and unloading of bulk bags without the use of a forklift. FLOW-FLEXER® bag activators raise and lower opposite bottom edges of the bag at timed intervals, promoting continuous and complete discharge of free- and non-free-flowing materials through the bag spout.
The discharger rests on load cells that signal a PLC to stop a vibratory feeder that meters material into the conveyor once a pre-programmed batch weight has been metered out.
Low-friction polymer discs attached to stainless steel or galvanized cable within stainless steel conveyor tubing, gently and smoothly transport fragile coffee or tea products, and fully evacuate the conveyor of material to achieve accurate batch weights.
The discs and cable are driven by a wheel at one end of the circuit and put under tension by a wheel at the other end. The conveyor tubing can be routed horizontally, vertically, or at any angle, around corners or through small holes in plant walls. Inspection windows can be added to any straight run of tubing.
The conveyor can accommodate multiple metered inlets for primary ingredients and non-metered inlets for minor ingredients, as well as multiple full-flow outlets and valved outlets for selective distribution of materials.
The company also manufactures flexible screw conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, bulk bag fillers, bulk bag conditioners, bag dump stations, drum/box/container dumpers, and engineered plant-wide bulk handling systems with automated controls.

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