Solofill Invalidates Coffee Patent Claims and Consolidates Leadership Position

Solofill, LLC announced that its coffee products were completely vindicated in a recent ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission (“USITC”), which also invalidated asserted claims of U.S. Patent No. 8720320 (Pod adaptor system for single-service beverage brewers). Solofill is thus free to continue importing and selling its single-serve coffee products and accessories, such as Solofill K3 and SoloPod products, in the United States (see,, Investigation No. 337-TA-929).

However, not all targets of the USITC investigation were so fortunate. The same USITC ruling ordered some competitors to cease and desist importing or selling the accused coffee products in the United States, while other competitors had already settled and agreed to cease and desist prior to the ruling. Strategically, Solofill not only refused to settle but vigorously litigated the investigation and consequently emerged completely vindicated. Solofill President Robert Vu noted that Solofill is now in an enviable position of having many of its competitors sidelined by cease-and-desist orders or agreements, thus consolidating Solofill’s position as a leading innovator in single-serve coffee products and accessories.

By way of background, rival coffee product competitor Adrian Rivera Maynez Enterprises, Inc. and Adrian Rivera (collectively “ARM”, with ARM Enterprises, Inc. marketing the Eco-Fill and other products) instituted the investigation on Sep. 4, 2014, entitled Certain Beverage Brewing Capsules, Components Thereof, and Products Containing the Same, Investigation No. 337-TA-929. The charges were deemed to be unwarranted when, on March 17, 2016, the USITC issued a notice finding no violation of Section 337 by Solofill and based on its final determination that the claims of ARM’s U.S. Patent No. 8720320 asserted against Solofill were invalid.

Located in Houston, Texas, Solofill is a leading innovator in the single-serve coffee space with its numerous coffee products and accessories readily available in many of the largest retail chains in the United States. Through extensive R&D, Solofill has created a wide range of unique and innovative products that are trail blazers in the coffee industry. Solofill’s mission is to provide consumers with the most cost effective way to brew a cup of coffee, while reducing environmental impact. For more information on Solofill, please visit

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