Award-Winning Ghirardelli® Maximo Dispensing System. More Profits, Less Waste.

jeff krueger - 0700-021855-16_MaximoDispensingPR_lh3San Leandro, CA (May 2016) – Ghirardelli Chocolate Company’s Professional Products Division recently introduced the stylish and sleek Maximo Sauce Dispensing System – Where Indulgence Meets Intelligence. With a one-of-a-kind pouch and portion-control pump system, the Maximo Sauce Dispensing System was recently awarded Winner of Best New Product – Packaging at the Specialty Coffee Association of America national trade show. By delivering up to 98% product evacuation* for more profits and less waste; and reducing landfill waste by 97% with reuseable pumps & bottles and plastic pouches**, the Maximo Dispensing System provides economic and environmental benefits. “We are very proud of the innovative Maximo Dispensing System. Being recognized by the SCAA as having the best new product packaging was very rewarding, but offering a solution that delivers on the unmet needs of our customers validates why we took our time during development to get it right,” states Chris Eklem, Vice President of Ghirardelli Professional Products. “No other solution can match the evacuation and environmental benefits, while still maintaining a strong and visible brand presence.”

Maximo Sauce Dispensing System bottles are built to last; all units are NSF listed and come with a 2-year warranty. Ghirardelli sauce pouches are available in four delicious flavors ― Black Label Chocolate Sauce, Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa Sauce, Caramel Sauce or White Chocolate Flavored Sauce ― and can be purchased and used with or without the Maximo system, which is designed to mimic the look of the widely popular Ghirardelli pump bottles. All pouches hold the same quantity of sauce as these pump bottles. These no-fuss pouches are easy to use, featuring a special fitment that creates an airtight seal when the pouch is snapped securely to the Maximo pump. This sealed system maintains product quality and minimizes exposure to contaminants. Pumps are preset to dispense 1/2 fl. oz. and supplied gauging collars allow for adjustable portion control.

Whether creating specialty hot drinks, drizzling desserts or finishing frozen and iced beverages, satisfying the demand for decadence has never been easier. Leverage the power of the Ghirardelli brand, one that consumers trust and recognize, with 89% national brand awareness*** with these stylishly designed units.

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*Ghirardelli & Server Lab testing **Compared to typical disposable bottles ***IPSOS Chocolate Consumer Monitor 2015

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