Birch Coffee: The Best Iced Coffee Around

At Birch, founders Paul Schlader and Jeremy Lyman travel the world sourcing coffee to roast in their flagship store in Long Island City and serve in their stores across New York. Each coffee is specially selected according to the style it will be served and cold brew is no exception. Birch’s cold brew currently comes from a farm called Tempixque in Attila, Guatemala where it was hand-chosen by Paul due to it’s particular suitability for Birch’s cold brewing method. The brewing method is unique; once the coffee is ground, it is mixed with purified water and set to rest for seventeen hours. During this time it is agitated twice and then filtered three times to yield the perfect concentrate. It is due to this dedicated combination that Birch Coffee can proudly say they make the best iced coffee around. Birch Coffee’s cold brew is currently available in 64 ounce growlers at all locations and for delivery, so Birch lovers can easily enjoy refreshing caffeination at home without venturing into the city.

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