Urnex launches cleaning and sanitizing kit for cold brew and nitro equipment

Urnex Brands, LLC announces the release of 1-2-Cold Brew, a kit specifically designed to clean and sanitize cold brew equipment.

Over the past several years the coffee industry has experienced tremendous growth in cold beverages and in particular, cold brewed coffee. As it has done for the past 80 years, Urnex has worked closely with industry leaders to develop a cleaning solution that addresses the unique needs of this fast growing category so that equipment manufacturers, shop owners and baristas can operate at their peak and create better tasting coffee beverages.

While standard drip brewers only require a cleaning solution to remove coffee oils and residue, due to the ambient temperature at which it is brewed, cold brew equipment requires both cleaning and sanitization to maintain proper hygiene. The new 1-2-Cold Brew kit from Urnex features a two-step process consisting of a liquid cleaner – Clearly Cold™ – as well as a liquid sanitizer – Complete Café™ – to ensure that every batch of cold brewed coffee is both delicious and safe. The liquid formulations are designed to save operator time and error by eliminating the need to dissolve powder in brewing vessels, kegs and tap lines. Both the cleaner and sanitizer come packaged as a kit in HDPE recyclable bottles with a built-in measuring device.

1-2-Cold Brew is now available to order and ship in the US.

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