What’s next? Many projects for Dalla Corte’s future

What’s next is the event organized by Dalla Corte which gathered all the European partners in Milan (Italy) on 13-14 March and all the Asia-Pacific distributors in Seoul (South Korea) on 11-12 April to give a preview of the news for 2017/2018.

Paolo Dalla Corte presented a young and dynamic team, with new staff members including Francesco Bolasco, marketing manager, with working experiences in multinational corporations in the renewable energy field, Francesco Bernasconi, Europe and America sales manager, former sales manager at Mitaca, Illy Group, and Marco Libonati, expert in Asian markets and in the Food & Beverage sector, who will be in charge of the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific markets.

The focus was on the new products, such as the dc pro Rebel version, designed with graphics by Massimo Dibitonto of Pepper Art, a successful company specializing in the creation of graphics for MotoGP, Rally, Nascar, Paris Dakar and Offshore World Championship.

This was the occasion to offer also a preview of the new Mini, the one-group machine for high quality home espresso lovers, which will be exhibited at Host 2017.

The protagonist of the event, however, was Mina, the revolutionary espresso machine featuring innovative technology that allows the water flow to be regulated digitally, working dynamically on the coffee cake at each extraction stage.

The partners, led by some Coffee Pros, tried Mina’s new app, set different extraction profiles and saw how even the smallest variations can intensify aromas and also satisfy different tasting needs. This is an important aspect, considering how preferences and trends change in the different geographic areas.

The marketing activities at Italian and international level were numerous, starting from the World Tour, a journey around the world together with our Coffee Pros, intended to tell a real story about Dalla Corte’s values and strengths, and also about its machines, with real experiences and testimonials of different cultures.

Once again, the journey is the central idea of a new initiative by Dalla Corte, supporting the Orang Utan Coffee Project in Sumatra (Indonesia). The aim is to safeguard orangutans and the tropical flora and to foster the education of farmers regarding sustainable coffee agriculture.

Second Chance Project

In terms of direct contact with people living different experiences linked to Dalla Corte’s world, the European partners visited the Bollate penitentiary (close to Milan), where the Second Chance Project started. The inmates restyle the classic Evolution model to come closer to everyday life, acquiring professional competences which will be useful for their social integration. This was followed by a visit to Dalla Corte premises in Baranzate, where the Partners could see how Dalla Corte espresso machines and grinders are assembled. Meticulously manufactured products, entirely made in Italy.

Competition and exclusive coffee shops
The meeting in Seoul took place at the new premises of Meteora, Dalla Corte’s distributor in South Korea, and was preceded by the Dalla Corte Mina World Super Barista Championship 2017, a latte art competition which took place within the Expo Seoul 2017 from 6th to 9th April.

On 12th April, end of the meeting, the Partners from Australia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Philippines visited two coffee shops which are renowned for their attention to details and high quality. In a country always looking for new flavors and techniques, Dalla Corte machines are widely appreciated and used in new ways. On the Café Sapoon Sapoon’s elegant counter there are three Mina espresso machines together with a Max grinder. They are connected to the app, which allows all the parameters to be set and different kinds of coffee to be offered in an independent way. A break at the Lusso Lab Coffee Shop followed, a London-style coffee spot, where to sip an excellent espresso extracted by a dc pro or attend a coffee course working with Mina.

At the end, great satisfaction and trust: around the world, coffee lovers have at their disposal state-of-the-art machines by Dalla Corte, a brand of excellence. www.dallacorte.com

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