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Java U Training Webinar Series

It’s Christmas in May here at the CoffeeTalk Media offices!

No, it’s not snowing. But this month we formally launch our new JavaU Training Webinar Series with four outstanding topics and four outstanding presenters! I just returned from two tradeshows where we previewed our launch to end-users and vendors alike. The feedback we received was motivating to say the least. And now…we get to share all of it with you!

There has been a lot of team meetings, brainstorming, emails, phone calls, graphic design, tradeshow marketing, website design, list development, technology implementation, and subject matter expert input all focused on the launch of this new series.

If you want to check out our topics for May, please visit the back-inside cover of this May edition. You’ll see some fantastic topics in the areas of operations and trends. Our Webinars run weekly, on Tuesdays from 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET. Our May 9th topic is presented by Anna Gutierrez from Barista Twenty Two. The topic, “Molding Your Staff Into All-Star Baristas” discusses how a proper training program is the foundation for consistency, one of the most important factors attributing to the success of a specialty coffee establishment. Our may 16th event features Mark Ramano from illycaffé North America who presents on the topic, “Why Quality is a Key Driver for Coffee Sustainability,” and shares his perspective on why quality matters in creating sustainable practices along the entire supply chain. Ed Arvidson from E&C Consulting presents “Coffee Business; the Art & Finance” on May 23rd. On May 30th, Rick Peyser from Lutheran World Relief, will share his insights from his recent trip to Nepal and will give us an overview of the current state of production and well-being.

For our end-users, I couldn’t be more proud to help share and promote the insights and best-practices of these gifted industry leaders. While CoffeeTalk has shared their words from the past twenty years, we are excited to share their expertise in a new way that goes beyond anything on the written page. And while we’ve had tradeshows forever, this format allows us to present that great content and interaction in a personalized and convenient setting. Presenters will be set up to share videos, online sample pages, pictures and spreadsheets. Views can help shape the direction of the presentation via participation in polls and Q&A sessions.

For our sponsors, we are excited to offer them the chance to build legitimacy and relationships through the process of sharing best-practices. Sponsors get the opportunity to interact with their audiences and to gather feedback on their topics. Our Webinar series creates a highly-qualified lead generation opportunity that matches the end-users content interests to our vendor’s content knowledge.

We at CoffeeTalk Media look forward to sharing our JavaU Training Webinar series with you. With our dedication to publishing four topics each month, you’ll have over 48 new topics each year archived for your consumption, when and where you need it.

We hope you enjoy this new series as much as we enjoy publishing it for you. We are committed to helping our audience be as knowledgeable, efficient and profitable as possible.

Contact me directly if you would like to be part of this new project. We are looking for sponsors and subject matter experts for our ongoing monthly Webinar series!
(206) 796-4471.

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