Bill Fishbein and The Coffee Trust have made an alliance with Fundacion Amigos del Cafe to bring The Coffee Trust’s comprehensive development program to Western Honduras.

Over the past few years, the Coffee Trust has developed a successful development program in one of the poorest coffee producing regions in the world, the Ixil region of Guatemala. Now, The Coffee Trust has joined the board of directors of Fundacion Amigos del Café to establish a similar program in Ocotopeque, Lempira and Copan in Western Honduras.  The alliance brings together several fair trade, organic coffee cooperatives and a forward thinking beneficio to help coffee producers in the region improve the quality of their lives.
The fair trade, organic coffee producers of Café Capucas (Cocafcal), Asociacion Aruco, and Cocafelol, have joined Beneficio Santa Rosa and Banco Occidente to create Fundacion Amigos del Café.  The Coffee Trust has joined the board of Fundacion Amigos del Café to supervise the development of the organization and establish its sustainable programs in Western Honduras.

Fundacion Amigos del Café

Fundacion Amigos del Cafe is a private foundation established to improve the quality of life for coffee-farming families who live in the Ocotepeque, Lempira and Copan regions of Western Honduras.  The founding coffee cooperatives, who otherwise would be competitors, have set competition aside and joined together to overcome the deepening poverty that has become all too common in western Honduras.

The Coffee Trust

Bill Fishbein, founder of The Coffee Trust (and Coffee Kids), has worked on sustainable development projects in Latin America for 25 years.  Over the last several years The Coffee Trust has created a Comprehensive, Integrated, Sustainable, Development program in the Ixil region of Guatemala, one of the poorest coffee-growing regions in the world.  The program combines support for education, health care, food security and economic development along with a strong capacity building component to promote sustainable development at origin.
The Coffee Trust has joined the board of directors of Fundacion Amigos del Café to bring its development expertise to Western Honduras.  The Coffee Trust has helped develop the Amigos del Café program team while supervising the development of the initial projects (health care and education).  The Coffee Trust will continue to develop the program, build the capacity of the development team, and monitor, and evaluate the finances and the progress of the program.

And You

Buyers of coffee from this región can contribute toward this extraordinary effort directly connected to their supply chain.  Use of the Amigos del Café name and logo for marketing purposes is available through specifc agreements.

For more information, please contact  Bill Fishbein at The Coffee Trust 505-670-9783

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