Brasil Peaberry Carmo de Minas.

Full, Well Balanced, Tart Plum and Cocoa. Very Limited Offering!

We’ve known Sergio Dias of Cannan Estate Coffees for over ten years. Sergio and his family co-own and operate JC Coffee Farms out of Carmo de Minas in Brasil’s southern state of Minas Gerias. Cannan Estate is responsible for a large part of JC Farms annual production, and has been in Sergio’s family for over 70 years.
When we first met Sergio he was not exporting coffee to the US. It’s been our pleasure to watch him take the plunge in the US market, and to see his coffees gain the recognition and acceptance they certainly deserve.
In addition to a handful of full container lots that Sergio now brings into the US he has recently added a few microlot offerings, some as small as 5 bags. It is from one of these unique microlots that we get our Brasil Peaberry Carmo de Minas.
Our Brasil Peaberry is a pulped natural coffee, sun-dried on patios with some of the fruit left on the heavy outer skin of the seed. Typical of Brasilian coffees generally it is not grown at great altitude.
In the cup Brasil Peaberry excels in displaying the flavors and mouthfeel characteristically developed in softer coffees. Very complete and balanced the medium body has a pleasant oily feel. Brighter than many Brasils, the acidity carries a distinct red fruit flavor that calls to mind early harvest plum. The finish is clean and lightly dry with plenty of cocoa powder notes.
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Available for $18.00 a pound

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