ILBA Coffee School in San Diego Gains Positive Momentum in the News.

VISTA (CBS 8) – If you love your lattes and have always dreamed of going to an Ivy League school, there’s an academy in Vista where they are looking to train a few good baristas.

San Diego, CA May 07, 2013 — At a one-stop shop inside of Vista industrial center, students at the ILBA Coffee School study coffees anatomy from beans to steams in a 3, 4, or 5 day course.
The 3-day is basic barista learning skills where the student learns how to work on the equipment and make basic recipes. This class is great for people looking to become a barista at a coffee shop.
The 4-day is advanced barista learning skills which goes over the fundamentals and history of coffee as well as everything covered in the 3-day. This is great for someone looking to become a manager at a coffee shop while obtain all the barista skills an associate would.
The 5-day course is strictly for people looking to own their own business and want to learn the business side of it from who to hire, working with the different departments, budgeting and more, while also learning marketing tactics and pricing on top of everything taught in the 3 and 4 day.
Under the watchful eye(s) of instructors Jennifer Garden, Stephanie Garden, and Tim Langdon – a family ran business- the baristas in training find their confidence in this industry.
Concocting coffee drinks takes aptitude as well as attitude. “It’s a passion for what they’re doing and they have to care about what they’re putting out”, says Jennifer Garden. It’s more than just a culinary skill and that’s what they teach at this academy.
For students, their class has been known to be life changing. They have helped guide students in their business venture; give them the tools to open stress free, maintain the business on their own successfully and the product to keep them in business.
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They only have one training class a month which tends to sell out 2 months in advanced. Their next one coming up is in May and they only have 3 seats left available. To get the best training possible, only 12 students max are allowed to attend during any given month and they rest assured knowing they have 3 experts in the industry by their side every step of the way.
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