Case Loader System Takes on Jugs.

[wpg width=”300″ height=”200″ align=”right”]Eagle Packaging Machinery’s BOXXER™ Case Erector Loader Sealer System is able to automatically case pack round and square jugs.  Jugs are a difficult product to pack as they are heavy to lift, and require an accurate loading process.
Once the jugs are filled and capped, they enter the BOXXER through an in-feed conveyor. Next they are stacked according to the pack pattern that has been chosen by the operator. This particular project required two separate pack patterns: packing four 1 gallon round jugs into a case, and two 2.5 gallon square jugs into another case. While the jugs are being arranged, a knock-down case is being pulled from a hopper and formed.
Other machines typically use a drop packer that drops the jugs from the top of the box potentially causing damage to the containers and risking liquid spillage; Eagle designed their BOXXER to gently lift the product from the bottom. Using a servo driven mechanism, this system is able to lift the heavy weight while reducing the risk of spillage which is a concern with this type of product. Once the case is packed, it is then conveyed to the sealing station for tape or glue depending on the application.
BOXXER’s method of packing both round and square jugs eliminates the risk of spills, is precise, as well as increases the overall production rates.

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