Motown Throwdown Coffee Competition Comes to the Motor City.

May 8, 2013  – On Thursday, May 16th, the New Center Park Conservatory will host a gathering of coffee professionals and aficionados.  The event will showcase great tasting coffees and the talented baristas and local roasters behind them.
As the Michigan coffee culture has grown in the last several years, so has the interest in  local trainings, special events, and competitions.  There’s a bit of everything at the Motown Throwdown!  The event is in its fourth year, although this will be its first time in Downtown Detroit.
From 4-5pm, there will be a free coffee Cupping of four new coffees from different countries, sponsored by Cafe Imports of Minneapolis.  Similar to wine tasting, “cupping” is a way to evaluate the taste of a coffee.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to cup, or watch others have fun slurping and spitting, this is your opportunity!
From 5-8pm there will be a Signature Drink Competition.  Veteran baristas and newcomers alike are encouraged to compete; there are 24 spots available.  Drinks will be presented to a panel of judges and must contain espresso (and no alcohol), but beyond that it is up to the creativity of the barista.  Throwdowns such as this are very popular with baristas because they help build a sense of community, raise skill levels, and also provide experience for those seeking to compete regionally or nationally.
All evening long there will also be local DJs playing music and various coffees to sample thanks to sponsors Royal New York, Vournas Coffee, and Hacienda La Minita.  Local roasters from Espresso Elevado (Plymouth), Coffee Express (Plymouth), and Mighty Good Coffee (Ann Arbor) will be brewing the coffees and available to answer any questions.
For more information, there is a website and also a Twitter page  New Center Park Conservatory is located at 7108 Second Ave., at the corner of Second and W. Grand Blvd. in Detroit.

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