Transcend Coffee Launches New Online Video Series on How to Be a Coffee Connoisseur.

Transcend Coffee of Edmonton, Alberta has released a new eight-part video series that discusses how to become a coffee connoisseur. The video series includes how to brew, taste, evaluate and truly appreciate coffee.

Edmonton, Alberta May 08, 2013 — Transcend Coffee, the leading specialty coffee roaster located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, has released a new eight-part video series on how to become a coffee connoisseur. The video series, now available on YouTube, covers a range of topics that will help coffee drinkers — from novice sippers to advanced home brewers — understand and evaluate the nuances of a beverage known to just about everyone.
Poul Mark is the founder of Transcend Coffee in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and is the host of the video series. “People often ask me ‘how do I make better coffee at home?’ or ‘how do I know if the coffee I’m drinking is any good or was brewed properly?’” says Mark. “With this series, I hope to answer some of those questions.”
The videos tackle subjects that many people might not think of when brewing or drinking coffee, such as the importance of water filtration, weighing and properly grinding coffee, and how to detect and evaluate acidity, bitterness, body and flavour in coffee. The series also includes step-by-step instructions on how to brew coffee using both an automatic drip brewer and a French Press.
“We find that when people better understand coffee — where it comes from, how to brew it properly and how to taste and evaluate it,” explains Mark, “that they start enjoy their coffee on a deeper level and appreciate the kind of quality that micro-roasters like Transcend can offer.”
About Transcend Coffee
Transcend Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster, online retailer, and coffee educator operating two cafés in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Their goal is to roast and serve the very best specialty coffee in Canada, and to educate coffee drinkers about the art and craft of specialty coffee.

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