GMCW™ Announces Addition of MiniGel Frozen Product Dispenser to Product Line

Louisville, KY – GMCW™, a leader in the beverage and foodservice equipment industry, announced that it has added the MiniGel Frozen Product Dispenser to its product line. The MiniGel dispenser is manufactured in Italy by Ugolini. For customers who are looking for a product and equipment solution, GMCW is partnering with PreGel America, a specialty dessert ingredient company offering a wide selection of products and flavors that are formulated to work perfectly with the MiniGel dispenser.
The MiniGel dispenser is a single bowl, frozen product dispenser. The MiniGel can be used to dispense products such as ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt. The modern design of the machine and the clear product bowl draw customers and drive sales. According to estimates provided by PreGel, operators can expect an average gross margin of up to 73% per 6 ounce serving. The remarkable profit potential coupled with the simple, user-friendly interface and compact design make the MiniGel a must-have addition to any location. The machine’s robust freezing compressor will chill the product to the ideal serving consistency in less than one hour allowing operators to quickly offer their customers a freshly prepared product.
GMCW has MiniGel frozen product dispensers in stock and ready to ship, just in time for summer!
The MiniGel dispensers will be on display and in operation in the GMCW booth (number 3631) and the PreGel booth (number 6223) at the upcoming NRA Show in Chicago, IL.
PreGel AMERICA is the U.S. subsidiary of PreGel, a global ingredient company headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy. PreGel develops, manufactures and distributes ingredients, toppings and fillings of the highest quality from Italy, including flavors, powders and pastes used in gelato, frozen yogurt, pastry and other specialty desserts. Based in North Carolina since 2002, PreGel’s clients include restaurants, gelato cafes, coffee shops, patisseries, frozen yogurt shops, bakeries, pizzerias, hotels, resorts, grocery stores and universities, as well as a few distributors in the United States. GMCW is headquartered in Louisville, KY with locations in New York, Illinois, and Thailand. The company is owned and managed by BNY Mezzanine Partners, L.P.
GMCW™ offers an unmatched selection of beverage equipment and a complementary foodservice equipment line that is the single source equipment solution for the industry. GMCW™ has a passion for product innovation, quality workmanship, and world-class customer service. This passion results in profitable solutions for customers and partnerships that ensure long-term success.

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