From Organic to Indulgent, Pregel’s New Product Lines Cater to All Tastes

CONCORD, N.C. (MAY 18, 2013) – PreGel AMERICA, the U.S. subsidiary of the largest specialty dessert ingredient manufacturer in the world, announced today the launch of four new product lines: Pino Pinguino®, PreGel Bio, PreGel Industrial Flavorings and Gelato Molds. The lines represent all areas of taste in the dessert world, providing healthy, indulgent, artisan and bulk solutions to professionals in the food business.
“Our new lines represent the diversity of today’s businesses and their consumers,” said Jillian Hillard, marketing manager, PreGel AMERICA. “This year we wanted to offer ingredient solutions that would provide our customers something new whether their concept is decadent desserts or healthy snacks.”
PreGel’s four new product lines include:
PreGel Bio Line
Free of chemicals, pesticides or artificial additives, PreGel’s organic line of Super Sprints for instant gelato, sorbetto, ice cream and soft serve provides businesses with wholesome, healthy dessert solutions. With only the addition of organic milk, yogurt, fruit or water, PreGel’s Bio Line presents a diverse selection of flavors including:

  • 92701 Fruit Base ─ A neutral powdered sorbetto base that can be mixed with water and fresh, organic fruit or unsweetened organic fruit puree to create organic sorbetto, soft serve or frozen yogurt
  • 92301 Yogurt ─ A complete powdered product that boasts a tart, yogurt flavor that creates organic frozen yogurt or gelato with the simple addition of organic milk and yogurt if desired
  • 92801 Fior di Latte ─ A complete powdered product with a sweetened milk flavor that only requires the addition of organic milk to create organic gelato, ice cream or soft serve
  • 92901 Vanilla ─ A complete powdered product for the creation of organic vanilla gelato, ice cream or soft serve that only requires the addition of organic milk
  • 92601 Chocolate ─ A complete powdered product that only requires the addition of organic milk to produce organic chocolate gelato, ice cream or soft serve

Industrial Line
This line represents PreGel’s solution to bulk flavoring. The products featured are highly concentrated, powdered flavorings. The versatile line includes:

  • 151798 Coffee ─ A powdered concentrate offering an authentic coffee flavor
  • 151698 Coconut ─  A powdered concentrate with a smooth coconut flavor
  • 151598 Pink Grapefruit ─ A powdered concentrate that boasts a genuine, tangy pink grapefruit flavor that is a subtle and refreshing
  • 304012 Salted Caramel ─ A powdered concentrate blending the perfect combination of salty and sweet caramel
  • 151298 Strawberry ─ A powdered concentrate with a refreshing strawberry flavor
  • 155298 Vanilla ─ A powdered concentrate that produces the much loved and creamy flavor of  vanilla
  • 151498 Watermelon ─ A powdered concentrate with a refreshing, sweet and juicy watermelon flavor

PreGel’s Industrial Line ensures added flavor to volumes of ice cream pints, private label franchise mixes, and mass quantities of smoothies, protein drinks and even milk.
Pino Pinguino® Line
PreGel’s new Pino Pinguino® line of toppings & coatings boasts impressive versatility. With five flavors, textures and varying functionality that include use in frozen desserts as a topping, a layer or marbleizing sauce, a layer in verrines and martinis, and a coating for cakes and frozen pops, Pino Pinguino® is for all dessert types. The line includes:

  • 82272 Pino Pinguino® Original Arabeschi®A rich combination of creamy chocolate and hazelnut
  • 93502 Pino Pinguino® Bianco Arabeschi®A velvety, melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate
  • 93402 Pino Pinguino® Nocciolino Arabeschi®A blend of hazelnut flavor and crunch pieces
  • 54072 Pino Pinguino® Nero Arabeschi®A delicious and smooth dark chocolate
  • 84902 Pino Pinguino® Wafferino Arabeschi®A unique chocolate flavor mixed with wafer pieces, creating a crunch in every bite

      Gelato Molds
Filling the artisan card, PreGel’s new line of gelato molds brings the next level of artistry to gelato making. Available in seven designs, these meticulously sculpted molds can be filled with gelato, chocolate or Coriandolina® Coatings to add further aesthetic to gelato.

  • 190000 Pino Pinguino® Mold ─ A silicon mold producing the official Pino Pinguino® logo
  • 190200 Porcupine Mold ─ A silicon mold created toduplicate a porcupine
  • 190300 Turtle Mold ─ A silicon mold in the form of a turtle perched on one arm
  • 190400 Baby Dinosaur Mold ─ A silicon mold in the shape of a baby dinosaur
  • 190500 Gerber Daisy Flower Mold ─ A silicon mold that offers the intricate details of a Gerber daisy flower in varying sizes
  • 190600 Spring Cake Mold ─ A silicon mold designed to create a standard 8” round frozen cake with large spring flowers and leaves
  • 190700 Rose Leaf Mold ─ A silicon mold that features the details of a rose leaf

The company’s Pino Pinguino® and Gelato Molds lines have online tutorials on how to use the products at PreGel’s specialty dessert ingredients offer a shelf-life of three years from the date of production, making them optimal for safe, long-term, multifunctional use. All flavors from the Bio, Industrial and Pino Pinguino® lines are available for sampling and the company is already developing recipes to accompany them. For sample requests or more information about PreGel’s ingredient solutions, visit
About PreGel AMERICA
PreGel AMERICA is the U.S. subsidiary of PreGel, a global ingredient company headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy. PreGel develops, manufactures and distributes ingredients, toppings and fillings of the highest quality from Italy, including flavors, powders and pastes used in gelato, frozen yogurt, smoothies, pastry and other specialty desserts. Based in North Carolina since 2002, PreGel sells to restaurants, gelato cafes, coffee shops, frozen yogurt shops, bakeries, pizzerias, hotels, casinos, resorts, grocery stores, caterers, food manufacturers and universities, as well as select distributors in the United States. PreGel believes in blending Your Passion with Our Ingredients. For more information, visit

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