The fight against food wastage: Make it easy!

Amsterdam, 22 May 2013

The Dutch innovation, with the name VacuVita, ensures that cooking enthusiasts and trend setters in design are able to store their food easily and safely.

It has been an international topic of debate; Too much food is being wasted and a lot of it by consumers themselves. But from now on a new food-saving product will ensure fresh products will last a longer shelf-life with ease.


Food is often not stored correctly because we can’t find the time or the means to do so. The solution can be found in the VacuVita system, an innovation which uses techniques to remove a few major reasons why food spoils; ambient air and light. This will reduce fungal and bacterial growth significantly.


Although there are a lot of storage options on the market today, few make use of light-proof vacuum and many are impractical for daily use. The VacuVita system aims to remove the hindrances that make these other products so hard to incorporate into your daily life.


Fully automated and sensor driven the system gives you access to your still fresh and tasty products inside, even after many days.


By using vacuum as a standard procedure in a kitchen, the food will have a longer shelf life and equally important: it will stay fresh and delicious.


The design and interaction ensure that VacuVita blends in perfectly with trendy chefs and consumers who are interested in sustainable products.


A vacuum storage device in the kitchen should be the standard alongside the refrigerator, freezer and kitchen cabinets. With vacuum it is also possible to marinate meat or fish faster or to cook ‘sous vide’. VacuVita has everything that other vacuum systems have but without the hassle. Making VacuVita an ‘Easy Access Storage’ device.


More information on food wastage and launching the innovation onto Indiegogo:

An average household wastes 1,300 pounds of food annually, costing over 1,500 Dollars per year. More information about food wastage and the use of vacuum in the kitchen can be found on our website and infographics.


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