2013 World AeroPress(R) Coffee Maker Brewing Championship – Melbourne, Australia

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Jeff Verellen of Belgium won the 2013 World AeroPress Championship after an evening of competition in Melbourne, Australia on May 24th. The judges agreed that Verellen consistently brewed the tastiest cup in the competition. Wille Yli-Luoma of the United States took second place and Tibor Várady of Hungary took third place.
This is Verellen’s second World AeroPress Championship win; his last was in 2011. He triumphed over seventeen other competitors from Australia, Poland, Korea, the UK, Sweden, the USA, Ireland, Hungary, Norway, Denmark, Taiwan, Iceland, and Japan.
The US-made AeroPress coffee maker makes one to four cups of coffee in one minute using a unique brewing process which minimizes bitterness and acidity. It has become a favorite of serious coffee professionals and amateurs alike for the amount of flexibility it permits in the brewing process. Michael Phillips, 2010 World Barista Champion, has been known to brew coffee using an AeroPress coffee maker while traveling on board an airplane.

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