Wes Herman and Woods Coffee Receive WWU Community Volunteer Award

Woods recognized at annual WWU alumni awards event

Wes Herman receiving WWU Alumni Community Volunteer Award

Bellingham, WAMay 29, 2013 — The Woods Coffee and company owner, Wes Herman, were recently recognized with the Community Volunteer Award at the annual Western Washington University alumni awards event. The 2013 Distinguished Alumni Awards and Recognition Celebration was held May 16, in the Viking Union Multipurpose Room at WWU.

“It’s an honor to be acknowledged for our long-term commitment to WWU,” said Wes Herman, owner of The Woods Coffee. “Western is a cornerstone in Whatcom County, in terms of offering an exceptional education and providing local jobs, and we’re proud to partner in this work.”

While Herman did not graduate from Western, he and the company have partnered with the University in a number of ways. For example, Woods developed and sells the WWU-branded “Viking Blend” coffee in all of its Whatcom County locations, with two dollars from every sale of the 100% fair-trade certified coffee going directly to Western scholarships. Woods’ Viking Blend coffee is also featured in the WWU Coffee Club, with the same level of proceeds devoted to Western scholarships.

The Woods Coffee also sponsors the alumni office’s monthly Western Wednesday Coffee booth, as well as the annual “Get Your Blue On BBQ” by donating all coffee, cups, and condiments for faculty, staff, and students. The company sponsors additional programs that reach WWU alumni off-campus, as well, including the Seattle Business Forum, Bellingham Business Forum, and Brew 2 You.

Woods’ involvement in the community stretches beyond Western’s borders. Project Homeless Connect, Dine Out for Maple Alley Inn, and Rebound of Whatcom County are but a few of the local, community programs in which the company has been involved.

“It was a pleasure to be able to recognize Wes Herman, owner of The Woods Coffee, as the inaugural and 2013 Community Volunteer of the Year award recipient,” said Deborah DeWees, Executive Director of the Western Washington University Alumni Association. “This year, we reached further into the Western community to include individuals and organizations beyond our campus who support the University; The Woods was an obvious first choice. The growing partnership with the University and the Western Alumni Association is strengthening our WWU community in important ways. It is our hope that this recognition will serve to inspire more local businesses to deepen their support for Western in order that we might together create a better community.”

The Woods Coffee’s newest Whatcom County coffee shop recently opened on Lakeway Drive, less than two miles from Western’s campus.

Also in Woods Coffee News, the company has recently changed its wifi access for customers. Now Woods customers can access free wifi simply by accepting the company’s terms at login, eliminating the need for a pass code.

For more information on The Woods Coffee, visit www.TheWoodsCoffee.com, check out the company’s page on Facebook, or call 360.933.1855.

About The Woods Coffee

The Woods Coffee was established in 2002 by the Herman family of Lynden, Washington. With a dream of starting a chain of coffee shops, the Herman family pooled their talents and resources to create their first Woods Coffee shop. Today, 11 years later, the company has a total of 14 locations in the Pacific Northwest; offers its own line of fresh, in-house baked goods; and exclusive compost-a-cup brand of compostable cups. In addition, the company uses sustainable design and building practices, achieving LEED® certification where possible. For more information on The Woods Coffee, please visit www.TheWoodsCoffee.com, or call 360.933.1855.

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