Grilled Cheese Innovator Selects Perka for Integrated Loyalty Program

Perka_burst_orangeToday we are excited to share the news that the innovative fast-casual restaurant chain, The Melt, is using Perka to power the grilled-cheese eatery’s customer loyalty program, ‘The Melt Perks’.
Perka currently provides a turn-key mobile consumer loyalty marketing service to nearly 2,000 independent retail shops, restaurants and very small businesses worldwide. With this integration, Perka is showcasing the versatility and capability of its loyalty platform. The Melt was able to quickly enhance their own unique customer experience by including popular Perka loyalty features. The complete mobile loyalty solution delivered instant enterprise value, and goes far beyond a simple punchcard replacement.
The Melt has reinvented the fast casual restaurant experience by offering unique, chef-inspired, all natural, wholesome food with innovative online ordering technology in an eco-friendly environment. Currently operating 15 locations throughout California, plans call for 500 locations worldwide, including 100 mobile full services busses.
Restaurants and retail businesses that build customer loyalty experiences upon the Perka enterprise platform are able to extend functionality beyond a standard Perka loyalty subscription. Companies such as The Melt use the Perka open developer API directly from within their own specialized point-of-sale and ordering systems, providing a seamless association between purchases and individual customers.
Enterprise scale integrations, like we have done with The Melt, continue to be an area of accelerating growth for Perka.

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