We are proud to share with you THE CAFFEINATED CHRONICLES, a unique humorous fiction book written by Jaime Fortuño.  Jaime has long been a coffee exporter from Puerto Rico and has served on the SCAA Board in the past.  You can catch up with him at Manhattan’s Hunter College Writer’s Conference  where he will be speaking as part of the small press panel (June 8th).


When facing a major decision, do you lead with your gut, brain or heart?
Coffee house owners Brian Thinkalot, Amanda Heart, and Al Gutsenberg face the biggest decision of their lives.  In a matter of days one of them must leave to open their first international coffee house in Beijing.  They all know it’s a true honor, a second chance to build something anew, and an even bigger responsibility.  Who is to be the one?  A contest ensues and six coffee house regulars are brought to life to help them settle it.
Brian, Amanda, and Al bring us on one of their patron’s first date with a sexologist to experience the pressure of high expectations, to accompany three scrapbooking mamas in search of their true identities in Seattle, and to witness the adventures of a renegade executive determined to build her own Water Cooler Republic.  They also take us for a subway ride from Harvard Square to the American Dream, introduce us to the Left Handed Queen of Caffeine, and allow us to tag along while a love-torn minor royal goes on a hunger strike at the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language in Madrid.  The ride is caffeinated, the emotions are real, and the laughter is the social lubricant that allows the learnings of our characters to sink in.
The book is available already at:  Availabe from the author’s website with delivery by Priority Mail.
Amazon – The Kindle version is there to be bought and allows anyone to read the first few pages to get a fell for the book. Amazon shows the paperback as out of stock (selling well) but does allow to order  It is being replenished as we speak. You can place your order now and it will be delivered by Amazon within a few days.

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About the Author
The Caffeinated Chronicles is Jaime Fortuño’s debut novel.  He has spent his career as a coffee exporter and advertising executive. Jaime was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and raised in Puerto Rico.  He is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania. He started writing short stories from a young age inspired by Mark Twain and Jorge Luis Borges (whom he had a chance to meet).
Jaime has chosen coffee as the backdrop because “the brew caffeinates the version of ourselves that we want to share with others in the hopes of making a good impression, enticing a romantic interest, disarming a foe, or even accepting ourselves for what we are: human”.

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