Easyswirl is Eliminating the Stir Stick

[wpg width=”480″ height=”360″ align=”right”]easyswirlTM is releasing a patent pending fin technology that is inside a disposable, biodegradable cup to mix the contents when it is swirled.
The unique aspect of this technology is that it is cut from the same piece of paper as the cup when manufactured.
Imagine no more messy stir sticks….how many times have you swirled your cup to mix it’s ingredients with no results?
Millions of stir sticks are used once and discarded every day, did you throw one in the trash today?
The next time you add something to your coffee and grab a stir stick, think twice, and think about easyswirl…..
Do your part….. do something small to help save the environment.
Investment opportunities available…..
Visit our website or call 775-849-1340 for more information.

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