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The 2014 SCAA Event is now history and the impact will be felt for years to come. Congratulations to Marty Curtis (with the help of past presidents) for having the courage and tenacity to create lasting change in our association: the path to change starts with asking the right questions and seeking collaborative solution.

And even more congratulations and thanks to this amazing industry that consistently comes together to ensure sustainability for the people and product. In particular, The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie and sponsors who together raised more then $5,000 on April 27th to support a medical mission treating migrant workers in Costa Rica. Following are just a few comments from incredible evening.

“A fantastic evening at The Roasterie with coffee people from all around the world coming to celebrate specialty coffee pioneer Jim Stewart at the Birthplace of Seattle’s Best Coffee, where it all began here on Vashon Island!”
Eva DeLoach, Owner The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie

“Coffee people have big hearts.”
Tom Stannard

“The evening felt loving, warm & fun. The Vashon Island Roasterie was a perfect host, an over-the-top event by CoffeeTalk Media. It was wonderful to be listening to blue grass music while chatting with friends from Ethiopia, Columbia & other coffee origins while enjoying some tasty Elk BBQ & organic Matcha tea cocktails. Truly a spirited evening and gathering of mutual kindness and giving hearts, congratulations Kerri!”
Silvia Mancillas of Coffee Cares

“It was so wonderful to see so many people in the coffee industry together having fun and most especially Erna Knutsen, a true inspiration, having a great time watching Jim cooking the elk.”
Luz Marina Trullio Stewart of Santa Elena Coffee Estate

“It was exciting to see this gathering of coffee folks from all over the world, here to help the people who make our morning cup possible.”
Tami Brockway Joyce | Managing Partner Seattle Distilling Company

“It’s always humbling to go to events like this and see old friends from when you started your career. And to see a (40+ year old) roaster still being used is just mind-boggling.”
Marty G Curtis

“Wonderful, wonderful! It was very exciting to be hobnobbing along side some of the most influential and inspiring players who helped build the Specialty Coffee industry. Thanks to all the sponsors!!!”
Devorah Zeitlin, Owner San Cristobal Coffee Importers

“Thank you so much! It is really for a good cause. I witnessed the fantastic work the medical team did with the families when I was in Costa Rica in January on the coffee farm. From vaccinating babies to treating heart conditions of elderly, the team did wonders and probably saved lives.”
Robin Pollard, Owner Pollard Coffee & Andrew Will Winery

“The elk was incredible! Jim did a great job! The fact that John Rapinchuck helped carve the roast was amazing! Seeing Erna Knutsen after so many years was surreal for me! Certainly was a great event! Thanks for all you did Kerri, couldn’t have happened without you!”
Dave Stewart, Owner Vista Clara Coffee

“Down South home cooking and a Bluegrass Band… how can you go wrong! We’re so grateful to have been a part of this event. The folks of Vashon Island know how to throw a party! We appreciated meeting so many wonderful people from the industry and contributing to the to Vashon Island Coffee Foundation and their 2014 Costa Rica Medical Mission. Looking forward to next year.”
Stefanie Makagon, Franchise Director TEAJA Organic

“The Elk BBQ Dinner & Bluegrass was the topping of the SCAA 2014 Convention! We had a great opportunity of honoring and spending time with specialty coffee pioneers Jim Stewart and Dave Stewart in their own environment.”

“During this evening held at the Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie, we travelled 40 years back in history to discover the roots of the specialty coffee industry. The event was a total success, including fantastic bluegrass, local wines, complemented by a wonderful Elk BBQ Dinner, prepared by Jim Stewart himself! While enjoying this magical evening, funds for the 2015 Medical Mission of Santa Elena, Costa Rica, were raised from donations and art auctions.”
Felipe Isaza, President Coffee Resources

Elk Roast

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