Speciality Coffee Association of Europe Announces New Board of Directors for 2014/15

The SCAE board election has now been completed, the votes have been counted and verified + ratified, and all of the new directors have been notified and accepted their appointment.

The new SCAE board 2014/15 is as follows;

Cosimo Libardo       Italy               President
Paul Stack               Ireland           Vice President
Drewry Pearson       Ireland           Past President

They are joined by the following directors who were elected following a members vote;

Yannis Apostolopoulos       Greece
Patrizia Cecci                     Italy
Johan Damgaard                Sweden
Ludovic Maillard                 France
Christina Meinl                   Austria
Luigi Morello                      Italy
Frank Neuhausen               Germany
Alberto Polojac                   Italy
Heinz Trachsel                    Switzerland
Chahan Yeretzian               Switzerland

 The new board will take over at the SCAE AGM (Annual General Meeting) on the 11th June 2014, to be held at Rimini Fiera, to which all members are invited.

Executive Director David Veal comments, “SCAE wishes to offer its thanks and appreciation to the outgoing directors, Nils Erichsen, Marc Kaeppeli, Lina Chiodo, Grant Rattray, Gwilym Davies and Jens Nørgaard, all of which have contributed to the achievements that have taken place within the association of the past few years.”

The SCAE look forward to the exciting future ahead with full confidence in the new board.

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