Saxbys Chills Out With New Cold Brew Iced Coffee

New product launching just in time for summer

Saxbys Coffee (Saxbys) announced today that the company is launching its new Cold Brew Iced Coffee, treating guests at all Saxbys cafés to an even better iced coffee beverage created with the company’s own cold brewing technique.

The cold brew method involves steeping ground coffee in cold filtered water, which slowly coaxes flavor from the beans to produce a smooth, sweet, rich quality guests will love.

While other methods produce iced coffees that can often be overly acidic, sour, flat or disappointingly weak, Saxbys Cold Brew Iced Coffee has a refreshing flavor that stands on its own. In fact, Saxbys guests may be surprised to discover they won’t even need to add cream or sugar to this delicious iced drink.

“It is important for us to serve our guests the highest quality coffee beverages we can,” said Nick Bayer, CEO and Founder of Saxbys. “We position ourselves at the forefront of the market and by carefully developing and testing our own Cold Brew Iced Coffee, we believe that the finished product will be an immediate guest favorite.”

Saxbys truly believes the cold brewing method will soon enough be standard in the coffee community and is excited to be at the forefront of this change. The Cold Brew Iced Coffee is a welcome addition to its family of high-quality products, including specialty drinks, all natural Saxbys Fro-Yo! and fresh fruit smoothies. Saxbys prides itself in the personal atmosphere of each café, as well as the quality of service, food and drink.

Better than coffee over ice — it’s Saxbys Cold Brew Iced Coffee.


Founded in 2005, Saxbys Coffee, a Philadelphia-based 30-unit premier café, has constantly challenged itself to redefine the café experience. Regularly named “Best Coffee” and “Best Coffeehouse,” Saxbys enjoys a strong presence in the Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Southern Ohio and Dallas markets, as well as a distinct profile on college campuses. Known for high-quality coffee, specialty drinks, all natural Saxbys Fro-Yo! and fresh fruit smoothies, Saxbys’ diverse product menu is complemented by unwavering customer service and contemporary cafes that are designed uniquely for the neighborhoods they serve. For more information, visit


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