PortaBrands™ Official North American Launch


Stadium no logoMany of the largest venues and events in Europe and Fast Food operations have embraced PortaDrink® as way that drinks are served and carried. Multiple benefits come with this simple Patented gizmo.

PortaDrink® came to life as the at last alternative to the totally unfriendly and ubiquitous Pulp Tray, bulky, dangerous and hardly eco-friendly.
Apart from its obvious simplicity, PortaDrink® can speed up sales, especially from multi-dispense locations. Just drop in the drinks, lift up the sides, snap through the handle and go. If you get bumped its spill safe, one hand easy carry, and is also available in a 2 cup version.

PortaDrink® is lean on space, and shipping taking around 90% less storage than typical pulp trays.

It’s Eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint, is biodegradable and compostable and made from materials sourced from sustainable managed forests.

PortaDrink® is ‘brand able’, ideal for sponsorship, promotion and awareness, ideal for Stadium and concert concessionaires, fast food outlets and beverage suppliers.  Generics are also available for fast ship.

Full graphic design resources are available to custom design in full color high quality finish on coated craft from sustainable sources. PortaDrink® is made from a strong material with high wet tear strength.

PortaBrands™ North America is headquartered in Portland Oregon, with manufacturing in Grand Rapids Michigan and additionally from 2015 Canada.

PortaBrands™ North America
One, World Trade Center,
121 SW Salmon Street,
Ste. 1100, Portland OR 97204

For further information contact
541 980 5334

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