La Marzocco teams up with ESPRO® to improve consistency of the use of the Strada EP machine

All Strada EP machines will now come with a customized ESPRO® Calibrated Tamper so that baristas can take better advantage of the pressure profiling characteristics on the Strada EP.
Vancouver, BC, April 14, 2014 – Espresso icon La Marzocco and Canadian coffee specialists ESPRO® are pleased to announce their collaboration to pair ESPRO® Calibrated Tampers with all Strada EP machines. The convex-base ESPRO® tamper is being included with the purchase of all Strada EP machines, and is also available to purchase separately in the La Marzocco e-shop online.

The ESPRO® Calibrated Tamper is a precision 30-LB factory-calibrated force-feedback tamper that introduces consistency to the pressure a Barista applies to the coffee grounds before pulling a shot of espresso. ESPRO is renowned for designing high quality, well-researched coffee tools and accessories that aim to take the variables out of making the perfect cup of coffee. The ESPRO® Calibrated Tamper was the first of four products designed by the company over the last 10 years.

Made in Canada from a stainless steel base and anodized aluminum handle, the customized ESPRO® Calibrated Tamper has the iconic La Marzocco “Lion” logo cast in the top, and measures with an exact fit with the Strada EP.

“By eliminating variables, such as uneven tamping, which could potentially influence the consistency of every shot, we are confident that the barista will now be able to take better advantage of the pressure profiling characteristics that are available on the Strada EP,” said Mary Diamond, Marketing & Communications Coordinator for La Marzocco Srl.

“We are pleased to collaborate with La Marzocco, and have our Calibrated Tamper recognized as the tool of choice for one the best espresso machines in cafes around the world” says ESPRO® President, Bruce Constantine.

The Strada EP is a top-of-the-line espresso machine designed for and by baristas to give them more control and the analytical tools to profile the finest coffees. When released in 2011, it was hailed as a major technological advancement and the start of a new generation of espresso machine.  The Strada allows the barista, for the first time, to have absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during extraction. The Electronic Paddles (EP) control gear pumps, which provide precise and progressive pressure control during the extraction, so baristas can manipulate how many bars of pressure are used and for how long. Called “pressure profiling,” this feature allows you to discover and enjoy hundreds of different nuances in espresso extraction and identify the perfect “profiles” for particular coffees.

About ESPRO®

ESPRO® exists to bring the best cup of coffee and tea to every table. In 2002 Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean met for coffee, and sketched their first product concept on the back of a napkin a calibrated tamper to make more consistent espresso. By April 2004, ESPRO had emerged. The first years were characterized by a string of products aimed at improving the consistency of espresso and milk foam.  In 2012, ESPRO introduced the groundbreaking ESPRO Press, the first grit free French Press coffee and tea maker. It has garnered global accolades.

Today ESPRO is the epicenter of a grassroots movement that is shaking and reshaping the coffee and tea equipment industry and re-defining the way we perceive the perfect cup. With its range of innovative products designed to achieve consistently great results, ESPRO is destined to carve an important niche among coffee and tea aficionados.

About La Marzocco
Founded in 1927 by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi, La Marzocco had its beginnings in Florence, Italy, birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to such geniuses as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Brunelleschi who created some of the most celebrated works of art in the world. It seems only fitting that La Marzocco, would earn a world-renowned reputation for making beautiful, high quality, superbly crafted and uniquely designed espresso machines, with great attention to detail. In 1939, it was La Marzocco that developed and patented the first coffee machine with a horizontal boiler, now an industry standard. This was the first of a series of important innovations, later to include the dual-boiler system with saturated brewing groups. Tradition and a passion in the search for quality and superior reliability are factors that have always distinguished and interested the entire company. Even today, highly specialized personnel still supervise each stage in the production of every single machine, hand-crafted to order for each and every client. In this way, Giuseppe Bambi’s great experience and professional pride live on after over eighty years.


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