Santa Fe, N.M., and Toronto – Caffeine Rebel, focused on the discovery of specialty (gourmet) coffee, is pleased to announce that it has signed a fundraising agreement with the nonprofit development organization Coffee Kids.

For each Caffeine Rebel coffee-of-the-month subscriber captured through the fundraiser, Caffeine Rebel will donate $5 to Coffee Kids and provide customers with a 25% three-month membership discount, both of which are industry leading.

Individuals and organizations interested in supporting the Caffeine Rebel and Coffee Kids fundraiser are encouraged to share promo code CKCR14 and advocate their support, encouraging others to sign up at

“We are thrilled to be working with Caffeine Rebel to raise funds to support coffee-farming communities throughout Latin America. Funds raised will help deepen our impact in improving the livelihoods of coffee-farming communities,” said Elisa Kelly, Coffee Kids development director.  “Caffeine Rebel is driven to increase industry awareness about specialty coffee and is dedicated to delivering a unique customer discovery experience through their coffee-of-the-month subscription, which features a new roaster monthly. We’re delighted to be working to forge that bridge between the coffee lover and the coffee farmer with Caffeine Rebel.”

For more information about the fundraiser, please contact or visit .  

About Caffeine Rebel     

Caffeine Rebel (CR) is focused on the discovery of specialty (also known as gourmet) coffee and improving awareness of the lifestyle and culture.

Our mission is to simplify the discovery of speciality coffee by grouping known and emerging roasters on one platform and amplifying the discovery experience through our coffee-of-the-month subscription.

The CR subscription features a different roaster each month, surprising members with a new and exciting coffee experience they may not otherwise be exposed to. Unlike a “taster pack,” CR members discover the essence of a particular brand by exploring their breadth of product.

We believe in giving backto both the community and the industry. Accordingly, a portion of Caffeine Rebel monthly subscription sales are donated to Coffee Kids to cultivate the power of coffee-producing communities to determine the terms of their future.


Founded in 1988, Coffee Kids creates partnerships with coffee-farming communities and with those engaged in the specialty coffee industry to achieve their vision of a world in which coffee farmers thrive, a world in which coffee-farming communities are self-sustaining, and a global coffee community in which everyone has an equal seat at the table.

Coffee Kids works to make this vision a reality through the promotion of self-determination among coffee farmers. To this end, they partner with local organizations in Latin America that have the skills, experience and expertise to carry out projects that come from the communities themselves. The result is that coffee-farming families are better able to continue harvesting coffee through challenging times while increasing economic capacity within the family, ultimately fostering sustainable communities.

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