Coffee Direct Re-launches Popular Smoked Coffee Flavors Just in Time for Summer

Frenchtown, N.J. (May 15, 2014)Coffee Direct, a leading purveyor of gourmet coffee and tea, is re-launching its wildly popular smoked coffee flavors this May. These unique coffee blends contain no liquid smoke flavoring and are slow-smoked in a nationally regarded smokehouse for a bold flavor in every cup.

“We are pleased to be re-launching our smoked coffee flavors again for the summer,” said Gregg Shefler, Vice President of Coffee Direct. “At Coffee Direct, we not only strive to provide our customers with the freshest, high-quality coffee, but also to remain innovative by creating unique flavor combinations for the boldest brews. We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received for our smoked coffee flavors and are excited to be bringing them back.”

Coffee Direct’s smoked coffees are available in following flavors:

  • Original Smoked Coffee – This coffee’s smoky flavor is subtle from the first sip, and comes out in a big way in the aftertaste. It is smooth enough to be taken black, but strong enough for milk and sugar.
  • Vanilla Bourbon – This is special blend of light and dark Costa Rican and Colombian coffees that are smoked and roasted for a unique flavor experience. The added bourbon flavor creates unbelievable depth – like true bourbon aged in an oak barrel. Additionally, the vanilla blends with the smooth Colombian and the spicy Costa Rican to add even more layers of flavor.
  • Maple Bacon –The maple bacon flavor is poured on the smoked beans like syrup, letting them soak up all the wonderful bacon goodness. Each cup tastes sweet and salty, savory and delicious without all the fat and grease of actual bacon.
  • Campfire S’more Smoked Coffee  We flavored our fan-favorite smoked coffee beans with cinnamon graham crackers and chocolate, then, most importantly, we added toasted marshmallow.  These flavors would come together well on any coffee, but it’s a perfect match for our smoked coffee adding a real campfire essence to your cup.
  • Café Fume Smoked Coffee  We wanted a smoother, lighter alternative to our standard Smoked Coffee blend for those who have been hesitant to try it.  Café Fume follows the same process but we use light roasted Panama Boquete coffee beans which feature a natural sweetness, light acidity and balanced body. The Boquete is transformed into Café Fume, a much more delicate and nuanced version of our smoked coffee.

Coffee Direct’s smoked coffees are bagged and shipped right from the roasting facility to consumers’ doorsteps. They are available in 1 lb., 5 lb., or 25 lb. bags. Customers can either purchase their coffees whole bean or freshly ground. For more information or to order from Coffee Direct, please visit

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About Coffee Direct 

Coffee Direct is on a mission to help save the world from stale, over-priced coffee and tea. The company, established in 2004, has assembled a team of over 30 “heroes” in their Hunterdon County, NJ headquarters to help accomplish their mission. Coffee Direct offers more than 100 varieties of coffee, the vast majority of which are roasted within 24 hours of being shipped, and 70 varieties of hand-blended teas. The team has devised a line of innovative and never-before-seen products to help them in their fight, including smoked coffee, maple bacon flavored coffee, and green tea spiked with Mombasa pepper. With their diverse and inventive product line, strong commitment to customer service, and unique company culture, Coffee Direct is improving the world’s coffee and tea drinking experience, one cup at a time. For more on Coffee Direct visit



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