Green Coffee Association to Offer a Grading Seminar During Its Upcoming June Convention

6iwq73AaudW3q8ehHd9BknT401Xqqjwk3vn79Se0Yny2ovyZuI-ddRqTfuVNR1tzESuT9H6dLEHB1C5Y_-J-sX3Da2M_wtMdj6eMbg5CD-LdWaQ=s0-d-e1-ftCoffee is repeatedly tested for quality and taste at every step of production. The “cupping” of coffee involves roasting the beans and tasting the results under carefully controlled conditions. Coffees are analyzed for their characteristics and flaws to determine blending possibilities (different combinations of beans and roasting techniques to produce coffee with specific qualities).

Grading for coffee relies on subjective criteria applied by licensed graders and is an important factor in pricing coffee. The ICE Futures U.S. grading process is a crucial component in maintaining contract specifications standardization and consistency ensuring that the trading process focuses entirely on price.

GCA Standard Type Committee Overview on Grading and Defects

This seminar is designed to teach the fundamental procedures for grading coffee based on the ICE Futures U.S. “C” contract criteria. This seminar will include a review of grading charts and procedures followed by a grading session where individuals will actually grade in a simulated ICE Futures U.S. grading session.

This session is limited to 25 registered convention attendees and requires pre-registration.

If you have already registered for the convention and would like to pre-register for the grading seminar, please contact the Green Coffee Association at:

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