Grant Awarded to Kona Coffee Farmer’s Association

The Grant proposal With the title “Effective CBB Containment Tools into the Hands of Effective Users”

has been selected by the HDOA (Hawaii Department of Agriculture) for funding this year.
KCFA is pleased to announce the Award notice was sent on April 23, 2014 from Scott Enright, HDOA Chairperson.
• “KCFA will work in partnership with Farm & Garden, Inc. and The Kohala Center, and will work in collaboration with UH-CTAHR, to provide immediate economic relief to coffee farmers, and to reduce the CBB infestation rates in North and South Kona for the 2014 growing season. This will be accomplished by distributing subsidized Beauveria bassiana, making spraying equipment available, and providing education where needed. The longer term impact is recognition by farmers that it is possible to maintain a below 5% CBB infestation rate, and what it will take in terms of fungus cost, equipment, and labor to maintain. The project will cost $273,330 ($136,665 from HDOA) primarily for 1,100 gallons of Beauveria bassiana, and will span June 15 – March 15, 2015.”
• “Coffee Berry Borer beetle (CBB) has not only been economically devastating to the industry and it has proved difficult to get region-wide acceptance of control measures in place. Due to its unique life-cycle, CBB cannot be controlled with a single chemical pesticide. A complete system management approach is effective, yetharder to learn and consistently implement. Despite new costs, managing CBB is an economic benefit to both cherry farmers and to vertically integrated producers.”
Once operational, KCFA member participants in the project will complete a agreement contract form via the KCFA website and will receive needed education and will exchange vouchers for product with matching (“Buy 1, Get 1 Free”) exchanges at Farm & Garden.  Those interested in cooperative spray equipment ownership will complete the form and education required for that part of the project as well.
KCFA is grateful for Colehour Bondera’s work in spearheading this project and obtaining the Grant. 
Grant project information and updates will be distributed to KCFA members through the website as they are implemented. Please check out the website regularly before pursuing inquiries.

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