The Quiet One Offers Exclusive Sound Reduction, Innovative Design and Proven Core Technology  

CLEVELAND –Vitamix ®, a world leader in high-performance blending equipment for home and commercial use, offers The Quiet One®.  A powerful, premium blender, The Quiet One offers advanced vibration dampening technology, delivers exceptional blends for a consistently superior product and significantly improves speed of service.

Specifically created for coffee shops and high-end bars, it’s ideal for any front-of-the-house environment, thanks to its noise-reducing qualities. Even on one of the most demanding recipes—the milkshake—The Quiet One operates at the decibel level of a pleasant conversation. In addition to providing a more enjoyable customer environment, The Quiet One also supports new menu development with its ability to deliver a wide variety of superior blended beverages.

“Through extensive research and gathering of feedback from the industry’s largest coffee-bar chains, we identified a need to preserve the integrity of the front-of-the-house environment,” said Lisa Klein, vice president of Commercial Sales, Vitamix. “In response, Vitamix designed The Quiet One, an innovative, high-performance blender that has redefined the commercial blending category due to its dramatic sound reduction capabilities.”

The Quiet One utilizes exclusive technology that sets it apart from the competition in the arena of noise reduction. An innovative door seal design, coupled with patent-pending floating technology, significantly reduces vibration transmission and improves airflow. The combination reduces the amount of sound produced during blending, while maintaining the drink quality expected from a Vitamix.

The Quiet One also offers an innovative design unlike any other product on the market. A compact, magnetically secured sound enclosure reduces cleaning time, while eliminating the need to disassemble the whole machine and remove screws. This helps to prevent cracking of the sound enclosure and ultimately extends the life of the machine.

In addition to improved noise levels and innovative design, The Quiet One offers proven core technology that ensures exceptional and consistent performance that is synonymous with Vitamix products. Six program buttons with 34 optimized programs to choose from provide the operator with ease of use and consistent beverage preparation every time. The unit is also fully programmable to create custom blending programs for signature drinks, smoothies and blended coffees.

Finally, The Quiet One, along with many other Vitamix commercial products, features an Advance® container with a unique design and built-in dripless spout that improves pourability.  This results in a substantial time and cost savings, as well as an overall improved customer experience. An advanced air management system and powerful ≈3 peak output horsepower motor ensures the system remains cool even when executing the most difficult blends, greatly improving reliability and reducing down time.

Klein goes on to say, “Where Vitamix blenders, including The Quiet One, consistently outperform is in the total cost of ownership.  By focusing on designing blenders for the most demanding users and the most demanding applications, we create blenders that last longer and need fewer repairs. Other blenders may cost less in the initial purchase, but cost more over the life of the blender due to early end-of-life failures, higher repair expenses and lower reliability resulting in lost sales.”

For more information on The Quiet One, visit or call 1-800-4DRINK4.


About Vitamix®

Vita-Mix® Corporation (“Vitamix”) is a privately held family-owned and -operated company founded in 1921 that manufactures high-performance blending equipment for home and commercial use. The company’s commercial customer list reads like a “Who’s Who” of major restaurant chains, and gourmet chefs say their Vitamix machines are as important to them as their knives. A recognized leader in marketing and product innovation, Vitamix founder William G. “Papa” Barnard created the first infomercial in 1949 to demonstrate how the Vitamix blender could help people improve their health with whole foods, and the company developed the first true commercial blender in the early 1990s, which ignited the smoothie movement. Vitamix, whose products are known worldwide for their performance, durability, and reliability, continues to win awards for product innovation and is a recipient of the president’s prestigious “E” Award for Exports. Headquartered in Olmsted Township, Ohio, 19 miles from Cleveland, Vitamix products are manufactured in Northeast Ohio and sold in 100 countries. For more information, please visit

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