All those who love coffee, and good books, now have access to a superb book that brilliantly portrays the history of Costa Rican coffee and how its influence has shaped this nation and its people. It is published by the Costa Rican Coffee Institute, ICAFE, and, with the Ojala Ediciones hallmark, the work provides a wealth of images and information on traditional coffee-farming villages revealing the faces, the settings, the natural scenery and the coffee-growing techniques that have placed Costa Rican coffee among the most highly-valued and prised in the world.

“We are extremely delighted to share this wonderful book with you that tells the story of thousands of fellow countrywomen and men and their families within the coffee industry who have contributed to creating the economic, social and cultural conditions of the country we can now all enjoy”, says ICAFE’s Executive Director, Ronald Peters.

This edition takes us on a journey from the birth of the coffee industry in the heart of the Costa Rican capital to the present-day subdivision of the country into eight regions where coffee is grown under unique conditions and continues to project its high quality onto the international market.

In a fine and excellent hardcover edition in both Spanish and English, it presents anecdotes and details on how coffee has modified the academic year, as well as economic and cultural life in Costa Rica. It takes us through landscapes rarely or never seen before, showing us how coffee farms transformed the geography of Costa Rica for over 205 years and how they forged a unique production model that is one-of-a-kind and respectful of both human beings and the environment, but above all, does justice to all the stakeholders in the coffee industry chain.

“We sincerely hope you enjoy this beautiful book and that you continue to indulge your senses with Costa Rican coffee” Peters declares.

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