For foodservice operators striving to mix new, more tantalizing recipes—faster, safer and more easily than ever, it’s time to take a walk on the Blendtec® “wild side”.  That’s the clarion call of the world’s commercial blending leader, with the introduction of their new WildSide™+ jar.

More pluses for today’s chefs

The next evolution of the acclaimed WildSide™ jar, the new WildSide™+ is the brainchild of Blendtec’s in-house physicists and foodservice engineers, who collaborated to help chefs work their culinary magic better and faster than ever.  In fact, the new WildSide™+ jar can produce a fully blended smoothie from frozen fruit and ice in as little as 14 seconds—quicker than any other commercial blender on the market.

New integrated ridges really stir things up

The secret inside the new WildSide™+ jar is actually two debossed ridges that force ingredients to impact additional surfaces, accelerating the blending process, and improving efficiency with frozen items by up to 25%.

That and its many other innovative features make the WildSide™+ ideal for larger or high-volume blending—producing batters, crushing ice, juicing or making smoothies, soups and more.

Strong, blunt blades sharpen performance and safety

Like its predecessor, the WildSide™+ features a patented five-sided design that alters the direction of the blending vortex, allowing chefs to blend twice as much in half the time.  Its cold-forged stainless steel blending blades are blunted for improved safety and easier clean ups.  They’re twice as thick and 10x stronger than competing models so they don’t break when blending harder foods.  Combined with the Blendtec® high performance motor and standard all-metal drive socket, it out performs all others.

New WildSide+ jars are BPA-free, and included in all new Blendtec commercial blenders at no additional charge.  They are also available in a variety of colors to address food allergy issues, and can be customized with company logos.

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About Blendtec

Blendtec designs and manufactures the world’s safest and most powerful high-speed commercial blenders.  The strength of Blendtec products can be seen in the popular Will It Blend? series on YouTube.

All Blendtec blenders are designed and assembled in the USA at the company’s Orem, Utah facility.  For more information visit

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