Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo to host the first Micro-lot Exchange in Russia

Coffee beans - GuatemalaThe best limited coffee grades from all over the world will be brought together at one place for the first time in history of the Russian coffee industry.

The first Micro-lot Exchange will be hosted in Russia this autumn featuring the best limited coffee grades from all round the world. As a part of Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo, Micro-lot Exchange will be running from 23rd till 26th of September, 2014 at the International Exhibition Centre Crocus Expo in the special section called The Lab.

The farmers and retailers of coffee beans will have a chance to elaborate on the features of the regions where their beans are grown and unique flavor characteristics of their product. In addition, the visitors will be offered to taste the perfect coffee made of the micro-lot beans.

Meanwhile for café runners and roasters, Micro-lot Exchange offers a great opportunity to meet coffee plantations owners and their official representatives and also to purchase the best micro-lots of the world for a reasonable price. This will allow them to enrich the assortment with exclusive offers, Found nowhere else in the world.

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