Weldon Flavorings now available online…. Sampler bottles in 1 oz size!!

tea and coffee sampler pictureWeldon Flavorings responded to customers’ demands by offering a total line of Coffee and Iced Tea/Water Flavorings in their sampler size bottles. These 1 oz. bottles flavor 30 servings with your favorite flavor and can be purchased in 4-pack or 8-pack samplers.

Customers can try a variety of flavors before ordering the larger pump bottles or they can carry the sampler bottles in their pocket or purse to enjoy when on the run. All of Weldon Flavorings’ are sugar free, as well as free of any artificial sweeteners, creamers, powders, and syrups. Because these pure liquid flavorings are not pre-sweetened, each coffee or tea beverage can be made unsweetened or sweetened to each individual’s taste. They are also non-allergenic and gluten free.

Weldon’s Coffee Flavorings come in 12 flavors with seasonal favorites available. The Iced Tea/Water Flavorings come in 6 flavors: Guava-Passion Fruit-Mango, Raspberry, Mango-Orange-Passion Fruit, Peach, Blueberry, and Mint.

Weldon Coffee & Iced Tea/Water Flavorings can be purchased online at www.WeldonFlavorings.com. For additional product information, contact Weldon Flavorings at info@weldonflavorings.com or (502) 797-2937.

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